Industrial Pretreatment

  • USEPA Mandate

    The City of Valparaiso, Indiana has been mandated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to operate and administer an approved Industrial Pretreatment Program. The City of Valparaiso's Industrial Pretreatment Program was approved by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in 1985 and became fully operational the same year. 

    Program Purpose

    The management and administration of the approved Pretreatment Program is through the Valparaiso Water Reclamation Department by the Environmental Compliance Administrator. The program is designed to protect the City of Valparaiso's Sanitary Wastewater Collection System, Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility, Land Application of Biosolids Program, Salt Creek and most importantly, the utility staff.

    Program Functions

    The major program functions include:
  • The continued updating of the Department's Industrial Wastewater Survey (IWS).
  • The issuance/reissuance of industrial user (iu) wastewater discharge permits.
  • Inspection activities and surveillance monitoring events.
  • Enforcement actions.
  • Regulatory Agency Reporting.
  • Commercial/Industrial Project Review.
  • Annual overall evaluation of the program.

Businesses Regulated

At a minimum, the Pretreatment Program currently regulates the following establishments/businesses/companies located within the City of Valparaiso:
  • 115 Restaurants                     
  • 50 Total iu                           
  • 60 Medical                          
  • 14 Car washes
  • 35 Dental
  • 15 Automotive/Repair 
  • 8 Vets Hospitals