Why is the program necessary?
As it flows, stormwater runoff collects and transports pollutants to surface waters. Although the amount of pollutants from a single residential, commercial, industrial or construction site may seem unimportant, the combined concentrations of contaminants threaten our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and other water bodies.

Pollution conveyed by stormwater degrades the quality of drinking water, damages fisheries, and habitat of plants and animals that depend on clean water for survival. Pollutants carried by stormwater can also affect recreational uses of water bodies by making them unsafe for wading, swimming, boating and fishing.

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1. How is the program funded?
2. What is an MS4?
3. What are Rule 13 and MS4 General Permit?
4. Why is the program necessary?
5. How can I help reduce stormwater pollution?