Jefferson Street Water Main Replacement Project

Jefferson St. Water Main Replacement Project
As part of the Utilities' on-going aging infrastructure replacement program, VCU crews will address a number of water main replacement projects throughout the City this summer.  Construction has already begun on Jefferson Street between Garfield Avenue and Roosevelt Road.  This project was started on May 1, 2017 with the anticipated completion date by mid-June. 

​Upgrades to this street include:
  • Upsizing 1400 feet of 6 inch water main with 8 inch water main
  • Replacing 41 services along the parkway
  • Upgrading 2 fire hydrants and adding 2 additional fire hydrants
  • Replacing 2 catch basins
  • Curbside restoration will follow once construction is complete.
  • Other water main projects in 2017 will include water main replacements in areas around Elm Street and Campbell Street.
  • Sewer rehabilitation is planned for the areas around Yellowstone, Chicago Street, McCord and McIntyre.