Andy Kirk and Terry Wampler Earn Certifications

Andy Kirk and Terry Wampler from Water Reclamation have earned advanced certifications through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. The certifications must be earned through years of experience as well as passing a written exam. Their advanced certifications represent added knowledge and opportunities, Both Andy Kirk and Terry Wampler serve as Shift Operators of the Elden Kuehl Pollution Control Facility, the largest wastewater treatment plant in Porter County.

Andy Kirk earned his Class IV certification, the highest certification available. He has been working in the field of water reclamation for 13 years and joined the city in 2008 after having worked for both the city of South Haven and Gary.

Terry Wampler earned his Class III certification.  He has been with the city since May of 2015 and has worked in water reclamation for South Haven prior to that.

Congratulations to both Andy and Terry on their accomplishment in earning these certifications!

September 2016