Utilities Master Planning 2016

The City of Valparaiso has conducted many land planning and economic development studies to determine the growth of lands adjacent to Valparaiso City Limits. These studies typically identify the need for water and sewer infrastructure to serve these lands and attract future development.

The goal of the Utilities Master plan is to consolidate many of these studies, identify the gaps,  and evaluate current capacity and the capital needs to provide utility services to these planning areas.

The scope of work is geared towards, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Review of Existing Studies (Airport Master Plan, Sturdy Road Plan, 49 Corridor Study, Us 30, etc.)
  2. Evaluation Existing Service Areas for both water and wastewater. This will be geared towards wastewater services as the recent $18 million investment of our water system provides water resource capacity for the next 20 years; however, a further determination of existing pipe capacity and the extension of pipe to these planning areas is required.
  3. Projecting Future Demand for water and sewer generation for the identified planning areas.
  4. Wastewater Plant Needs - The current wastewater treatment plant will need to start planning for a future upgrade and expansion within the next 5 years; however, there has been discussion regarding the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant on the east side of the City. The scope will define the current treatment plant requirements and the recommendation of a future satellite wastewater plant based upon the planning areas.

Stakeholders of the City (Planning, Engineering, Redevelopment, Economic Development, City Council, Porter County, VCU Board of Directors and Developers) will be participating in workshops to provide input and help facilitate the final plan.

The study will be complete towards the end of 2017.