Water Wise


A typical family of four on a public water supply uses about 350 gallons (or 45 cubic feet) of water a day at home.  Here are some ways to conserve: 

  • Economize - A lot of water goes needlessly down the drain.  This might have been okay in the past when water was plentiful and cheap, but not anymore!  Think about the amount of water used, and look for ways to use less whenever you can.
  • Install water-saving devices - If you don't already have water-efficient or low-flow fixtures, you can cut your water use with aerators (to mix air with water) and displacement devices (to reduce the amount of water used in older toilets).  Make sure devices are installed properly.
  • Repair Leaks - A single dripping faucet can waste hundreds, even thousands of gallons per year.  Most leaks are easy to detect and repair with simple tools and some basic know-how.