Public Education & Outreach

The purpose of this MCM is to make the public aware of the MS4 program, the importance of cleaning up stormwater and the potentially negative impact disposal practices and everyday activities may have on stormwater quality.


The City’s implementation includes partnership with Recycling and Waste Reduction of Porter County (RWRDPC) to conduct classroom educational activities for K-12 grades, and to provide educational campaigns for households and businesses on a variety of stormwater pollution prevention practices, including pet waste management, proper fertilization techniques, automobile maintenance, reducing stormwater runoff, and keeping construction sediment on site. etc.


Video Promotions

  • Construction BMPs - 1: Site Access and Prep
    Video Description: This 11 minute video completed in 2018 is the first in a series focusing on active construction site best management practices or BMPs for handling stormwater runoff including erosion and sediment control. It covers the items needed to initially prepare a construction site for access and before the site grading begins.
  • MS4 for Elected Officials: Why is Stormwater Quality Important for Your Community?                                                                         Video Description: The Clean Water Act Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or “MS4” program requires regulated communities to implement an overall stormwater quality program. Completed in 2016, this 8 minute video features MS4 communities’ experienced, elected officials giving their advice and recommendations on why the MS4 program is important and explaining how it helps them with their duties. Newly elected officials can benefit from this experience and gain a brief overview of the MS4 program. The video also reviews the main requirements that regulated MS4 entities must implement to be in compliance with their permits.
  • Stormwater Pond Maintenance for Homeowners 
    Video Description: This 8-minute video completed in 2016 describes the steps to maintaining a residential stormwater management pond. The primary target audience is home or property owners’ associations but residents living in a community with a stormwater pond can benefit from this information too. Topics covered include an explanation of a stormwater pond, the purpose of the pond, why some ponds fail, what to look for when inspecting the pond, expert tips on maintaining the pond, and how this on-going, needed maintenance is typically paid for.
  • Blue is the New Green
    Video Description: Completed in 2015, this 10 minute video reviews the Do's and Dont's of basic stormwater pollution prevention practices that should be implemented by everyone in their home, in their yard, and when they are out and about.
  • Proper Refueling - Keeping Our Waterways Clean
    Video Description: Completed in 2014, this 6 minute video is designed to highlight the proper techniques for refueling vehicles and portable containers while reducing the potential for fuel to reach the storm sewer. Proper clean up and disposal methods are also outlined.

Radio Promotions

The links provided are radio promotions pertaining to stormwater management. 

Movie Theater Promotion

The movie theater MS4 Ads below was created by NWI Partnership for Clean Water.

School Program

In 2011, the City of Valparaiso MS4 Program together with NIRPC MS4 partnership has had stormwater education programs at Central Elementary School and Benjamin Franklin Middle School. Now the City partners with Recycling and Waste Reduction District of Porter County (RWRDPC) to educate school students on stormwater pollution prevention and environmental protection.

Water and stormwater programs, including the newly created Pollution Tunnel, are offered for free to schools. Click here to learn about the details of the programs and access the Teacher Newsletter.

Kids Corner

Do you know kids can also help with stormwater pollution prevention? Check out the Kids Corner page to see what you can do!

Fairs and Events

The City of Valparaiso MS4 Program has been actively attending local and regional fairs and events and disseminating stormwater education information out to event participants. We have been at Valparaiso Popcorn Festival, Porter County Earth Day Celebration events, Porter County Parks Department Spring Out to Sunset event, Valparaiso Green Days, Valparaiso Green Town event, and Naturepalooza.